February 26, 2013
February 26, 2013
June 5, 2012

hello it’s been a while

My brain’s so clustered i don’t even know where to begin with this. Okay, i’m going to continue this in point form because it has always helped in getting myself a little organised so let’s give this a go.

  1. I have school tests coming up starting next week! stress stress stress
  2. I am completely broke. Between purchasing my JC litas, watching lady gaga in concert(which is by far the most expensive concert I have ever been to), the many birthdays in May, weekend in Universal Studios Singapore, massive shopping, there grew a giant fat black hole in my wallet. It’s depressing!
  3. I’ve been eating a lot this month so I’m getting fat. DOUBLE WHAMMY!
  4. I’ve come to realise that I’m good luck chuck. TRIPLE WHAMMY! Oh god, i will stop now before I dig deeper to find even more depressing thoughts!
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